Relaxation Massage

A gentle massage that relaxes tight muscles and increases circulation to improve mood, energy, sleep patterns and well-being.


Deep Tissue

A therapeutic massage that is helpful for chronic issues in deeper layers of muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia (connective tissue).


Mobile Massage

Massage delivered to you! In your home or at your office for 60 minutes or more. Restrictions may apply.



Cupping is an ancient Chinese method of healing that uses negative pressure created by heat or suction to increase circulation. Traditionally, cups are stationary during treatments & often cause discoloration, showing proof of the old, stagnant blood that was pulled to the surface.
At Key to Relief Massage, you are not likely to get the dark, circular cup marks because we apply oil & keep the cups moving, but some discoloration is possible over problematic areas or old injuries. Our approach on cupping uses a modern day spin to provide pain relief, increase blood flow & detoxification, but also to reduce cellulite, clear stretch marks & reverse spider veins! We offer cupping incorporated into your routine massage or as a stand alone treatment.

Maternity Massage

Massage for the expectant Mom is a thing of beauty. It provides pain relief & relaxation for Mom which in turn makes happier, healthier babies. Each pregnancy is different and what feels good for one, may not for all. Your therapist will check in with you to provide a safe and beneficial treatment. Be sure to tell your therapist what trimester you’re in when you schedule the massage as well as if you are a high risk pregnancy. As with anyone, it's best to make sure your Healthcare Provider agrees that massage is safe for you before your appointment.

Couples Massage

We believe that massage is part of a good wellness routine and what better way to spend time with someone you care about than to get a massage together? Any two individual massages (of the same duration) can be arranged to be done in the same room together. Special occasions, date night, uncomfortable getting your first massage alone, whatever the reason, we’ve got your back!

Each Therapeutic Massage we provide is customized to the individual's needs & requests. If you prefer focus on your problem area(s), full body, or a mixture of each, just say so! The depth of the massage & amount of force used will vary depending upon each person's needs and wants as well as their physical condition. The length of each service does not include set up, clean up or changing time. The service time is the minimum guaranteed treatment time provided. Please inform your therapist if you need to leave by a certain time. We don't want anyone rushing after relaxing!